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Hello everyone!

A little late to the course, I am playing catch-up from North Oxford.  My office, internally locked within a Science & Technology block, shares many qualities with a goldfish bowl, albeit with a less interesting décor. It provides panoramic views of the teaching room I use within a boarding school.  Any ‘published’ images from the school have to adhere to strict Child Protection and Safeguarding policies, so the long exposure helps mask pupil identities while also demonstrating the bustling fluidity of the room during free time.  All rather a stark contrast to the beauty of the surrounding buildings and countryside!

This is the sight I see every day, yet it is one I have never previously photographed. It is always so easy to overlook the things you see most often: I am embarrassed to say that I carry a camera only infrequently when in Oxford and yet there a few more stunning cities in the UK.

View from the office

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