M1 Wk5: Power & Responsibility

Forum: Towards an ethical practice

The photographic work I do in school is, through necessity, closely managed and scrutinised.

My responsibilities are to portray facets of life within the school in a sensitive, considerate way, adhering to Child Protection and Safeguarding policies; protecting the interests and safety of the children, while also ensuring my own safety. All work is stored on the School network and is used only by, or with permission from, the school.

I am answerable to the Headmaster, with content and use of images subject to his scrutiny. I am not permitted to release copy without prior approval and published images may not be captioned with pupil names. However, the images are captured in my style, my time and will only be made available if they meet my expectations!

The third parties used should be answerable to me: publishers, manufacturers, hire companies. All those whose involvement and actions could compromise the work.

DetDE - PosterDulce et decorum est – Drama production poster 2005 © Dominic Price

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