Project Development

British Society of Master Glass Painters

It would be hugely wasteful of a project based upon stained glass for me to overlook the wider benefits of such work.  The formal archiving of stained glass windows for historical/artistic reference or for insurance purposes seems an eminently sensible facet of my planned work.  With this in mind, I have contacted the British Society of Master Glass Painters, seeking their professional opinion on what they would most want to see from an archive image (or series of images).

newbsmgpheaderFounded in 1921, the BSMGP is Britain’s only organization devoted exclusively to the art and craft of stained glass.  Its chief objectives have been to promote and encourage high standards in the art and craft of stained glass painting and staining, to act as a locus for the exchange of information and ideas within the stained glass craft and to preserve the invaluable stained glass heritage of Britain.

I await a response to my enquiry…

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