Project Development

Archive images – perhaps unnecessary?

It has always been my intention, when photographing stained glass windows, to produce two distinctly different sets of images:

  • the first to demonstrate as accurately as possible the full visual impact of the window (focussing on the main subject of the window, not necessarily including the window or light in its entirety; edited initially to capture the full dynamic range and then digitally corrected to remove any damage as well as removing the horizontal support bars).
  • the second image (or batch of images) would be of the entire window or light,  for insurance / historical / academic research archive purposes.

Various recent experiences suggest that I cease with this second exercise.  Unusually, I have received no follow-ups from my communications with three of the most appropriate bodies where archive work is concerned (The British Society of Master Glass Painters, the V&A Museum and York Glaziers Trust).  It would only seem sensible and appropriate to continue this practice only following their advice and recommendations.  My discussions with the colleges I have visited points towards an already established archive recording of the windows.

While I will not yet throw out the idea of taking archive images, it does appear unnecessary and unless I can gain a steer from a professional body, the action may prove fruitless.

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