X-Ray photography

 SPECIATION – Still A Camera

Photographer Kent Krugh’s project Speciation is a series of X-ray photos of cameras that provides a brief history of photography, as told through the evolution of the camera.

“This work uses x-rays to explore the micro-evolution of cameras and is a metaphor about the limits of evolution,” Krugh writes. “While form and media may have changed, the camera is still a camera: a tool to create images by capturing photons of light.”

While the basic concept of what a camera is and does has not changed, the outward appearance and inner workings have, and Krugh’s images offer a look into the wide range of camera designs that have appeared over the years.

“While making these x-rays, I have been surprised and astonished by what I found inside the cameras,” Krugh says. “[A] camera is still a camera, though tremendous diversity exists.”

31-Canon-AE1-00131 Canon AE1 2018 © Kent Krugh


Speciation of Cameras 2018 © Kent Krugh

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