Ongoing Development

PH0701 – Work in Progress Portfolio reflection

The concise and well thought-through guidance was much appreciated.  I had never considered reproducing the stained glass windows at 1:1 scale, but like the idea.  With some of them 6m+ tall and 6m+ wide, image resolution and inevitable high costs might preclude such plans.  I also wonder who would have the space and desire for such a large image.  Notwithstanding, this is a route worth pursuing.

I had not thought through of the potential limiting factor of submitting a PDF portfolio – I almost always view PDF’s onscreen and imagined that that would be the case during the assessment off the portfolio.  It is very true that the images lend themselves better to a screen (although it is quite possible that the portrait A3 printed PDF I supplied would reveal more detail than when viewed on a screen).  I do wonder how best a portfolio can be displayed online… something I will need to address in future.

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