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PH0703 – Critical Research Journal reflection

Throughout the course, it is very difficult to gauge just how much time one should commit to each facet.  I can safely say that I give insufficient time, as I am definitely unable to maintain a blog; fulfil every weekly expectation; make multiple weekly postings on the course hub; elaborate upon and appraise the work of others; react to their observations on my work; develop a portfolio, and maintain a full-time job.  Sacrifices and compromises have to made – sadly my full-time job has to remain, as without it I cannot afford the course, but while working, I believe that I can only give one or two facets of the course the appropriate attention they deserve.  Consequently, the maintenance of a blog, which is a completely novel pastime, has been somewhat undermanaged during PH0703.  Added to which, as someone who has spent a lifetime keeping opinions to himself, making a public statement about everything does not come naturally.  That said, I am a schoolmaster, well used to marking books and exams as well as writing termly reports on progress, and I grimace every time the BBC spits an infinitive… critiquing is in fact a significant part of my life.

My uses of the Critical Research Journal is as a notebook, recording areas of interest, detailing that which I have done and annotating locational visits with sufficient appropriate information that will form the bones of a guide book to accompany an exhibition.  This of course fails to take account of the passive onlooker.  I realise now that the CRJ should be rather more like an American documentary, with wealth of interlinking data that is explained from all angles and précised routinely.  However, such levels of detail will continue to be a struggle to achieve…

The feedback on my CRJ was concise and welcome.  I must commit more time to elaborating on my thoughts and expanding upon my interests, by relating them to my current practice.

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