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PH0703 – Oral Presentation reflection

I remain a little confused as to the anticipated content of an Oral Presentation – something reflected well in each recording.  The Oral Presentation feedback builds upon this, but in doing so does paint a much clearer picture of the expectations

Because such a high percentage of my photographic time in the summer months was spent carrying out my more normal practice: sports photography, it seemed utterly appropriate to feature this in part of my presentation – it is an area of continued investigation, investment and evolution.  No such chance of such inclusions within Module PH0704, as to the dismay of many on site, I have been unable to commit any time to photography within the school since July, besides the creation of a photographic gallery, which is currently a retrospective of my work:

Gallery lr

One thing that is very clear is that I assume too much understanding around the subject matter and do not provide sufficient background information – this I hope to redress in PH0704.

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