Broken mirrors

Sunset Reflections

Always lurking in the back of my mind are thoughts as to how best to exhibit my work.  From time to time, my research reveals portfolios not too dissimilar, with the following being of particular interest:c

A simple concept (so often the way with great ideas) by New York-based photographer Bing Wright: he used shattered mirrors to catch the reflections of the setting sun and experimented with different types of film to enhance further the images.  The reflections have more than a passing likeness to stained glass windows.

In his exhibition at the Paula Cooper Gallery in New York, the images were printed almost 2m tall – something I am keen to consider when it comes to exhibiting my work, although I am rather fearful at the potential costs.

Mirror 04

Bing Wright (2012) Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Kodak Provia), New York

Mirror 02

Bing Wright (2012) Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Cibachrome), New York

Mirro 01

Bing Wright (2012) Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Agfacolor), New York

Mirror 03

Bing Wright (2012) Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Kodacolor), New York

Knowing that banner prints are significantly more affordable than framed art prints, it may well prove sensible to promote my proposed exhibition using 2m high banners.

Wright’s 2017 portfolio Cherry Tree Grids demonstrates a striking resemblance, from a distance, to some of my interpretations of stained glass windows from Module 2:


Bing Wright (2017) Large Cherry Tree Grid 001, New York

NEW Composition (low res)

Dominic Price (2018) Abstract Tiles, Oxford

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