Project Development

Why do it?

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‘There is considerable emphasis on how much time it takes to make such images, which is appreciated but it merely raises more questions about why you choose to do it.’

I am a perfectionist whom enjoys the intellectual challenge of optimising the production of projects as far as it is possible to take them.  To that end, when I am setting up the shots within a chapel, I am always a little frustrated that I do not have something more like a Hasselblad H6D-400C MS for its outrageous resolution and a mobile aerial work platform to enable me to photograph at the height of the windows, so eliminating the need for post-production perspective control.

I believe, fundamentally, that postgraduate studies in photography should be a challenge photographically.  Within my project, I am using my experience, knowledge and understanding to produce images that are currently beyond the capabilities of cameras.  Me augmenting technology if you like.  Because cameras do not have the dynamic range to handle stained glass, there are precious few quality images out there (with the exception of those taken in museum collections, in which the glass has undergone expert cleaning and the unit is backlit by a light box of precise, known, colour temperature).  Such challenges make this work interesting.

I enjoy the challenge.  I am doing something that is innovative within its field, and I am cataloguing an aspect of a collection that did not even exist on paper until I created the list.

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