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Library-based research

I continue to be surprised by the oversights of my current work.  This weekend revealed further chapels within the geographical confines of my research:

  • Chapel of St Ignatius: the first Catholic church built in Oxford after the Reformation.  Now an office space used by Fast Track.
  • Convent of the Incarnation: Home to The Sisters of the Love of God since 1906, the small chapel was added in 1923.
  • St Gregory the Great Catholic School: Situated in the centre of the Secondary site, the circular chapel, complete with stained glass, provides a place of peace and refuge for the whole school community.
  • St John’s Home: while researching The Friary, it was pointed out that within the site was Bethlehem Chapel, a small semi-circular place of prayer and quiet contemplation.  Furthermore, there is also a recently constructed chapel use by the All Saints Sisters of the Poor.
  • St Stephen’s House: in arranging my visit to the House Chapel, I was advised that there remains the Founder’s Chapel, still in routine use, as well as the Church of St John the Evangelist, which is used as the ‘college chapel’.

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