New flagship from Canon

Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

The much anticipated anouncement of Canon’s flagship DSLR, the EOS-1D X Mark III did have some suprises.  Typically such announcements contain only the briefest data together with a carefully conceived silhouette image, giving away almost no information about the product.

On this occasion, the data was far more detailed, covering most areas other than resolution and a selection of high resolution product images were also released.

Of particular interest to me is the inclusion of an all new, Canon-developed CMOS sensor and DIGIC processor, that will deliver greater image quality at even higher ISOs, with the ability to capture stills in 10-bit using the HEIF (High Efficiency Image File) format.  This produces wider dynamic range and greater colour representation than JPEG – undoubtedly beneficial in the photography of stained glass windows.

In my more usual practice of sports photography, a new autofocus sensor that will better accommodate brighter and darker situation with greater precision, will be well received.   Frame rates of 16fps using the optical viewfinder and mechanical shutter, increasing to 20fps in Live View, with mechanical or electronic shutter will be extraordinary, and a dramatically improved battery life will be most welcome,

Having worked my way through most of the EOS-1D range, it is highly likely that I will move from the Mark II to the Mark III, and I look forward to hearing more news of the product in the coming months prior to its release, which in keeping with their previous models, will I expect be immediately prior to the Olympics.

Canon 1D x Mk III (PNG)

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