Project Development

Unusual exhibits

A departing long-serving colleague was given an unusual, unauthorised, yet fitting gift by a parent: a cushion featuring one of my images from Dorneywood House that depicts a stained glass window tribute to the school.

Had permission been asked of me, I would have been only happy to have obliged and would have supplied a full resolution image.  As it was, a low resolution image was grabbed off the school’s news letter and used.

The results were surprisingly good, albeit somewhat soft, both visually and physically! – indeed I wonder if the limiting factor is the process rather than the image quality.  This is definitely something that I would not consider doing myself, but as a result of this gift, I am now left pondering and suspect that I might dabble in this medium if only to examine the image quality when dealing with higher resolution originals.

DCP_7881 (low res)

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