M3 Wk3: The digital new possibilities

Week 3: Instagram

I would argue Instagram is currently the most effective social media platform for self promotion.  If you have not got an Instagram account already, then I would like you to set one up.

This week I want you to try and create and implement an Instagram strategy that you feel will help you reach future, potential clients (whether ad agencies, curators or potential collectors), and then develop your account so you have 30 followers over the course of a week.

Anna-Maria Pfab

As a long-term user of Instagram, the technical difficulties of setting up a ‘business’ account were minimal.  However, the process did flag up concerns about the safety of my works online.

To maximise the visual impact of posted images, I followed the recommended resolution: 1080px x 1080px.  In order to present some of my images uncropped, I have spread them across three posts… producing a 3.2mp image that could be grabbed and used in certain circumstances on a commercial basis.

In keeping with many social media sites, Instagram demonstrates very little care for its users and forces a licencing agreement (HERE) upon users that is at best questionable, and led to much discussion within the Falmouth Forum.

InstagramI was certainly neither keen nor enthusiastic to be ‘forced’ to jump into such a project without being given the appropriate time for planning as well as researching best practice.  However, when compared with the Week 3 Challenge, there were far fewer consequences to the potential for getting this wrong, so with much tentative care I progressed.

My initial account was set at ‘Private’, but after three days I changed that setting, realising that it was impractical to have a private business account!


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