M3 Wk3: The digital new possibilities

Week 3: Independent Reflection


The account has taken shape quite well: dpplimited, but it strikes me as odd that there is no option to ‘invite’ followers within Instagram.

With hindsight, creating the account and adding 27 images prior to any tagging or attempts to attract custom may have been an error.  A drip-feed of those images would have made better sense.  I am also regretting the choice of a layout that requires posts three-at-a-time to be added – this makes the process of posting far more involved and not always as instant as I would like, since I have to wait until I have three appropriate images to add.    However, by the end of the week the account was being followed by at least 30 people.

I question the usefulness of Instagram as a business tool for my photography… Instagram predominates on mobile platforms, with images being viewed small-scale.  With only 10% of Instagram users being over 35, it seems probable that the vast majority on Instagram would be disinterested in stained glass windows.

Image Virus:

I have not yet ventured into the image virus foray, but stand by the variation of investigating I mooted, using the power of the World Wild Web to help the Kodak Junior No.1A images.

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