M3 Wk7: The current commercial environment

Week 7: Your Market

I want you think about who your audience and your market are. Are they the same? If you haven’t got a market yet, think about who you want your future market to be. For this week’s forum I want you to sell one picture, in whatever way. You might sell an image through a picture library, a print to a relative or a stranger on the street, or a current affairs image to a newspaper.

Use the space below to tell us more about how you chose the image, how you sold it and how you negotiated its value / price.

Anna-Maria Pfab

The Photography Show always brings welcome opportunities.  One I always appreciate is the ability to have 24″ prints produced FOC by a number of companies selling their printing technologies.  At this year’s show, I took the opportunity to experiment with different paper types in order to identify the print solution most appropriate to my stained glass images.  Consequently I have a couple surplus, identical, high quality archive prints, each on a different paper type.  Having helped me to decide upon the preferred paper, these duplicates now serve no sensible purpose.  Not wanting to jump into more significant marketing just yet, it is these two prints that I shall proffer for sale… with all monies being profit, in this instance, I have nothing to lose!

03 - Completed - The Lord is my Refuge

Perhaps a little bit of a cop out, but they are each perfectly good, archive quality prints that deserve more than to sit in a portfolio folder.

Additionally, the image predates my current Research Project portfolio (albeit featuring a window that I will inevitably revisit before too long) and can definitely be improved upon in the future.



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