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Mansfield College Chapel

Mansfield - Johannes Balliolo (vlr).jpgIt is only now, five weeks after visiting Mansfield College Chapel, that I have had the chance to review the images.  With limited time available this weekend, I selected the only east wall stained glass window that could be photographed.

A batch of twenty images covered adequately the dynamic range.  The postproduction work was fairly straightforward, with just two support bars to remove.  However, the window was dark and very dirty for something less than 125 years old, resulting in an image that underwhelms.

Perhaps unusually, this window celebrates the founder of Balliol College: John de Balliol and his wife Dervorguilla of Galloway.

Inscription: John de Balliol; Dervorguilla of Galloway, Mistress of Balliol, Founders around 1269

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