We remember them…

Light boxes

Gosport’s War Memorial Hospital has had a chequered history in recent years, making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  However, this week a positive snippet of news came thanks to the support of Gosport War Memorial League of Friends.

The hospital was built in part with contributions from the Royal Marines and has, to this day, been a memorial to those killed in action.  To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, three back-lit stained glass lights were commissioned.  Crafted by Sunrise Stained Glass, Southsea.

Sunrise Stained Glass

© Sarah Standing (2018) Gosport War Memorial Hospital stained glass

This is the first example of back-lit stained glass that I have seen and it is a concept that I have considered for my work.  For years this has been used widely in advertising, and with the ever falling price of LED strip lighting, this might become an option for me (although unless the Lottery is kind, I cannot imagine that I will be able to afford more than one or two such units).

While there are many companies proffering light box solutions and I have investigated a few at The Photography Show, one of the better is LiteHouse, who have produced a number of significant commercial installations in addition to a few specifically for stained glass.

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