We remember them…

100th Anniversary of the end of WW1

Working alongside my brother-in-law has given me a shared interest in his passion for military history.  I have supported him on more than thirty educational visits to battlefields across the world, creating a resource of more than 3000 images.  Many of those images illustrate a book he published, detailing the 300+ former pupils who died in action, spanning almost the entire 150 year history of the school, from the Zulu wars up until the trouble in Northern Ireland.

The school in which we work believes very strongly in maintaining the pupil’s understanding of the sacrifice given by their predecessors and Remembrance Sunday is one of our most significant services in chapel.  This year, each boy laid a Remembrance Cross on the chapel altar, detailing the name and dates of one of our fallen old boys as a poignant start to the service.

This is very much my typical photographic work, with the images from the numerous battlefield visits having to fulfil the expectations of various targeted audiences: the school is always keen to have ‘PR’ images for newsletters, the website and the school magazine; the School Archives desires images of all former pupil’s headstones, together with any associated images.  Additionally, I am always keep to capture poignant images that might have a value in the stock images market.

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