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University College Chapel

Best known for its windows by Dutch artist Abraham van Linge, it seems somewhat ironic that today’s visit saw me photograph none of those.  Sadly the lighting was too bright and harsh to capture any of the south windows and as a result of this, the north windows were too brightly lit internally by the other windows.

Univ - Chapel (low res)Univ - Chapel 02 (low res)

This only left me with the ‘new’ east window.  For the first time, I opted to capture all five of the main lights within the window as they tell the story of the crucifixion in its entirety.  In addition to this, and in keeping with most of my visits this Module, I photographed a number of the angels that make up the reticulated tracery at the top of the window.

Univ - Rose - Left Angel (low res)Univ - East Windows - Centre Angels (Low Res)Univ - Rose - Right Angel (low res)

Scenes from the Passion – Angles (Arthur & Michael O’Connor, 1864) University College Chapel

These images were shot at 400mm using the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM lens, at an aperture of f/8.0 and exposure times ranging from 1/50 s to 1/2 s.  Currently I have yet to start editing the main lights, but will post an update once it is complete.

I plan to return to photograph other windows within the chapel when the light is more favourable, although am inclined to capture the Adoration of the Magi (Clayton & Bell, 1866) rather than one of the van Linge’s, since this will tie in with my plan to generate a supplemental portfolio of image appropriate for use in the production of a collection of Christmas cards.

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