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Arthur & Michael O’Connor

When photographing University College Chapel, I was surprised by the relative lack of support bars on the East Window and wondered whether this was something almost specific to the work of Arthur & Michael O’Connor.  In searching their work, while there are a good number of more usually supported lights and windows, there are a notable number demonstrating the similar sparsity of support bars, which is definitely atypical.


Photographer Unknown | The Nativity & Baptism of Christ (Michael O’Connor)


Photographer Unknown | Peace ? (Michael O’Connor)

However, a higher resolution image of one of Arthur O’Connor’s lights reveals that the support bars follow the glass rather than the more traditional line straight across the glass.  What a sensible approach to maximise the impact of the design.  So much of my time would be saved if I featured only their works!  I have overlaid the bars in green:

17732899845_4d57ba34b7_o edited (low res).jpg

Unknown Photographer | The Garden of Eden (Arthur O’Connor)

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