Project Development

Guide book – sample page

Sample Page (low res)I remain confident the most appropriate way to promote my work within Oxford is through an exhibition (beyond Oxford is a separate consideration).  While I am a long way from coming close to finalising the appearance of an exhibition, it has always been my intention to publish a supporting guide book, which could also to stand alone as more of a ‘tourist guide’.

It makes some sense to begin putting this together as I visit each location, rather than leaving all until the end of the project – that way I can ensure that I have sufficient information available while it is still fresh in my mind (and while my work is fresh in the minds of the College Bursary, etc.).

My first stab at a layout (click image above for a PDF) is perhaps less than useful as I have only produced one page, but I will augment it is due course.  In the past I have spent days on the design and layout, so this will be one of my projects to work on over the Christmas break.

It is my deliberate intention to provide both historical and photographic information within the guide.  In addition to a separate page on each location, the guide would contain an appropriate map, glossary, bibliography, profile on each of the artists featured as well as an illustrated explanation of the photographic and post-production processes.

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