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Exeter College Chapel – Evensong

My work commitments saw me singing evensong at Exeter College Chapel today, which provided the opportunity to carry out a quick planning visit and make some tentative arrangements with the chaplain.  While a truly stunning building, capturing a single window or single light is going to prove hugely demanding.  The chapel is exceptionally tall, with the windows reaching right up into the vaulted roof.  The suspended lighting masks partially several of the lights, although there is a very small organ loft at the west end that might afford a preferable view of the two lights that face directly east.

So stunning is this chapel that when eventually I photograph the stained glass, I will also attempt a ‘portrait’ of the chapel.

Exeter 01 (low res)

Dominic Price (2019)  Exeter College Chapel east end stained glass

Exeter 02 (low res)

Dominic Price (2019)  Exeter College Chapel

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