Sacré Bleu – The Greenhouse

Stained Glass Art Installation

While researching the possible options for display and exhibition of my stained glass images, I stumbled once again across the work of Tony Heywood and Alison Condie, first seen as part of the Barbican exhibition.  Definitely not what I have in mind for my work, but an interesting and contemporary take on the artform.

Sacre Bleu 01

Artist Unknown (2019) Sacré Bleu – The Greenhouse

Currently residing in Connaught Village in the City of Westminster, the installations is described as… ‘A greenhouse constructed from salvaged 18th and 19th Century stained glass, reconfigured to create a magical place of mythical creatures and folkloric hybrids – part plant, part human, part insect which combine to  honour an archaic, more primitive world.’

It is illuminated from within at night, but in the day, there is an incredible juxtaposition with Porchester Place that towers behind it.  Within the greenhouse, the floor is paved in mirrors that help give the impression of being immersed within a stained glass world.

Sacre Bleu 02

Artist Unknown (2019) Sacré Bleu – The Greenhouse

The visual effect is stunning and I still await the printed proof from Washington Art Glass that will help me decide whether ceramic printing on glass is a sensible route for my work.  Additionally, I am still awaiting the receipt of my two LCD panels from Canvia that were to provide me with an alternative to printed images in an exhibition.

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