Sale Time

Surprised by value of camera

Experience has taught me just how quickly the price of professional camera bodies fall as soon as the replacement is released.  For many years I have maintained two Canon pro bodies: one the current model and one the previous model.  The reality is that I rarely use the second body, but it is there as a emergency spare and for remote use during sporting events while I carry the newer model.

With the time pressure of the course deadline now ostensibly over, it provided the chance for me to sell my Canon EOS-1D X, now seven years old, to set aside the money as a down payment on the forthcoming new model.  Typically the body drops from the original £5600 to well under £1000 after seven years.  Anticipating much the same, I was delighted after negotiation to secure £1500 in addition to a £300 discount on the Canon EOS-1D X MkIII when it comes out in March  – a very pleasing result.

Canon 1D x Mk III (PNG)

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