M1 Wk7: Micro Project

Details & planning

Thank you to Dr. Gary McLeod for his challenge:

Make a contact sheet of 36 standalone photographs that explore one stained glass window.  Every photograph must be visually different enough from the rest of the images but also reveal new information about the window itself.

There are rules:

  • You are not allowed to make composite images.
  • All cropping and adjustments must be in-camera.
  • You must use a tripod for every picture.
  • All images must be made during one visit.
  • There must be no trace of the personality of the photographer.
  • You are encouraged to think of the window as an experience as well as a thing.
  • You may use digital or film for the task. If you use digital, you are not allowed to delete images as you work.
  • You are welcome to find loopholes in the rules but time may be better spent getting to know the window.

I will be exploiting one bit of semantics regarding stained glass:

  • Light: the term for the complete vertical panel of glass within the stone framework of the window.
  • Window: a complete assembly of lights.

Thus I will be tackling The East window, composed of seven separate lights, allowing for a little more variation, with the planned shots indicated below.

East Window (low res)

The East Window

The East Window (1896 Henry Holiday) is the focal point of The Chapel of St. Nicholas, Oxford. It is divided into four lights, with three smaller lights above. The main characters are William of Wykham, the founder of Winchester and New College, Oxford; St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine, who brought Christianity to South England; St. Catherine, who refused to marry the Roman Emperor Maxentius and was tortured on a spiked wheel; and Erasmus, a great scholar and theologian, who visited both Oxford and Cambridge. They are known collectively as The Four Scholars.

The inscription at the bottom of the windows reads:

In Piam Memoriam Gertrude Isabella Frances Maclaren hujus scholae fundatricis mortuae Kal. Mart. MDCCCXCVI D.D. alumni et eorum parentes.

In pious memory of Gertrude Isabella Frances Maclaren, founder of this school, who died on 1st March 1896, presented by pupils and parents.

The two small figures in the roundel at the top are Eunice and her son Timothy. She seems to be teaching him out of a book; presumably she was chosen as being a good teacher and a kind mother – qualities for which Mrs Maclaren had also been noted. The angels either side of this have streamers saying, “Hear the words of the wise” and “Apply thine heart unto my knowledge”.

PDF Contact Sheet: Micro Project – East Window Contact Sheet (5.50Mb)

Reflection: Micro Project Reflection


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