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Moroccan Tiles?

St John's - Baylie chapel window (low res)A visit to the Baylie chapel, to the left of the chancel, within The Chapel of John the Baptist, St. John’s College, reveals a window with three main lights each depicting the coat of arms of significant figures from St. John’s history.

Central to this window is Richard Baylie:  Dr Richard Baylie (1585–1667) was twice President of St John’s College, Oxford; twice Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University; Archdeacon of Nottingham; and Dean of Salisbury.  While at St. John’s, he built the Baylie Chapel in 1662.

However, it was not the impressive shields and heraldry that drew me to this window, rather then decorations associated with the dedication at the bottom.  Reminiscent of Moroccan tiles, albeit rather too vibrant, they inspired me to be creative with editing of this window – one that might otherwise have remained untouched in a computer folder.

St. John's - Tiles (low res)

The Baylie chapel stained glass reworked as floor tiles (above) and a selection of Moroccan floor tiles (below).

Addendum:  My knowledge of tiles is far from perfect, and it would seem that the patterns are more in keeping with Indian tiles, which tend to be more vibrant and more floral:

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