M2 Wk7: Publication Guidance

Week 7: Independent Reflection

I have always loved books – another trait I gained from my Father, former Head of English and former Headmaster who collected T.E. Lawrence 1st Editions.  He used to read Tolkien’s books to me at bedtime when I was a child, and as a result I now collect Tolkien 1st Editions – somewhat of a costly hobby!  The ‘shelfies’ activity reflects some of my passion for books and publications.

I absolutely love producing publications and have a number under my belt, primarily related to the school at which I work.  I am very much a control freak where this is concerned, insisting on handling every single part of the process up until I hand over the publishable PDF to one of my trusted commercial printers.  The most recent work was for a school trip to South Africa – I am already working on the 2019 edition having overlooked Apartheid and a section on reptiles in this one: South African Adventure

Time willing, my project will feature a publication either as a guide to compliment an exhibition, and/or a tourist guide to the stained glass of Oxford chapels.  While there are two out of print similar publications, it seems about time for something more up-to-date.  The 1979 publication contains no images and the 1994 publication has rather too many tiny images – albeit of pleasingly good quality.

  • Jones, A.T. (1979) The Stained Glass of Oxford. Oxford, ZiPrint Parchment (Oxford) Ltd.
  • Opher, P. (1994) Oxford Town Trail – Stained Glass. Oxford, Heritage Tours Publications.

Of course, today a publication does not have to be a physical entity and Oxford already has a number of self-guided tours driven by mobile phones:

Perhaps this is a more sensible route to take where a tourist guide is concerned, saving on having to rely upon outlets stocking and selling a guide book.  The advantage of using a mobile device is that it can manage the navigation from location to location: too few people seem to cope with printed maps!

Whatever publication path I decide to follow, I will want to produce something that is well designed and pleasing on the eye.  I see neither point nor reason for a poorly produced publication.

It would make sense for a tourist guide to follow a sensible trail, minimising the distances involved (not that these are huge) and maximising the visual impact both in terms of the book and the chapels.  This would be an occasion to omit less appealing locations – not least because it would take many hours to visit all 40+ chapels!

I have yet to carry out the Week 7 Forum: Sorting Images mini-project, but hope that I might have a moment to address this prior to the submission deadline.

I hardly need any opportunity to prompt me to create a publication, so it has always been a plan to follow that route as at least part of my project.  Rationalising the various options has proved helpful.  Most of my publications have been perfect bound which looks very tidy as a finished article, but is definitely not the best solution should a double page spread be desired as it is difficult to open such a book flat.  Careful consideration will be needed as to the size and format of any publication.

Photographic work for my project development during Week 7 has been non-existent as a result of being located in South Africa. Further information HERE.

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