Conflict over art installation

Felice Varini turns Carcassonne into his latest work

The fortified city of Carcassonne in Occitanie, France gives the impression of the perfect medieval castle.  It became a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1997 and attracts over four million visitors each year.

My summer break took me through Carcassonne (or Cité Médiévale as it is locally known) for a second time, and I was surprised to see it highlighted in bright yellow – clearly visible, even from a great distance.

IMG_7050 (low res)IMG_7053 (low res)

The seemingly random daubing is in fact precisely located strips of aluminium, glued to the walls.  This is the latest work by contemporary Swiss artist Felice Varini, dubbed “Concentric, eccentric”, it all makes sense from one key focal point:

IMG_6710 (low res)

Varini was asked to come up with one of his famous eye-deceiving illusions using the technique known as anamorphosis to celebrate 20 years since the city was granted Unesco World Heritage status.  The installation will remain until September and has caused much debate within the city walls with several thousand people signing a petition against the work.

While the art installation prevented me from taking the photographs I would have liked to capture, it was simply incredible to view and undoubtedly fiendishly complicated to conceive and produce.  This installation puts into perspective any of the quandaries and concerns I may have had regarding the life-size reproduction of any of the stained glass windows I have photographed!

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