M2 Wk5: Three ‘Surfaces’

Activity: Proposing Works

Another retrospective piece, four weeks after the exhibition deadline…

Five key words describing my practice / project :
– Stained glass
– Multiple exposure blending
– Oxford chapels
– Vanishing history
– Public awareness

One sentence describing the aims of the work I might display:
Bringing greater public awareness to the hidden arts that reside in plain sight within the 40+ chapels of Oxford, ensuring that the stained glass windows therein are catalogued as a collection.

One sentence describing roughly where and what my display could look like:
White-walled gallery exhibition of 8 large framed prints:
Giclée print (width 320mm height 580mm), on 310gsm standard fine art paper; double mounted in white card, black box frame (width 415mm height 680mm).

Two images that best illustrate my practice:

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