Patrick Reyntiens

Nuffield College

MPatrick Reyntiens Catalogue of Stained Glassy request to photograph Nuffield College Chapel has been put forward for consideration at the next Chapel Committee meeting (at the end of April).

Hoping for success in this application, I have carried out as much background research as I can: it is a small chapel, not open to the public, so quality information and images are sparse.  However, the stained glass designed by John Piper and made by Patrick Reyntiens features in great detail within the fascinating publication Horner, L. (2013) Patrick Reyntiens Catalogue of Stained Glass. Bristol: Sansom & Company Ltd..

This large hardback book (350pp) is now out of print and is both costly and scarce.  However, it is definitive and well detailed often including vidimus in addition to photographs of the windows.  The author hopes that the book will inspire people to visit Reyntiens’ windows across the world.

The book has left me far better informed, knowing that the small attic chapel is home to four 2-light windows and a further 3-light window.  It does appear that lighting could be an issue as well as the visual presence of buildings in the background.   However, it seems unlikely that eight of line of sight are going to present difficulties.

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