Project Development

St. Peter’s College Chapel – Post-Production Visit

The final visit to each location allows me the time to compare the edited images with the actual windows.  Because the daylight colour temperature can vary so hugely, in reality these visits provide the chance to compare the relative tones and saturation of each image.  However, for the first time since starting this research, today afforded near identical weather and lighting conditions to the day I took the photographs (although my visit was almost three hours earlier).  As a result, I was able to carry out accurate and direct comparisons.

I was really pleased to discover that my edit of the Bossányi window was a perfect match to the installation in the south chancel.  Concerns I had had over the saturation of some of the blue hues was unfounded.

The edited five lights of the East Window were also very close to the appearance of the actual window.  However, the edited tracery lights were a stop or two darker than reality.  This may be in part due to the hour – although fairly overcast today, there is some evidence of direct light, and being three hours earlier than the time at which the photographs were taken, today the East Window will be subject to reather more light.  This will brighten and bleach the notable paler hues of the 140+ year old glass, when compared with the more intensely coloured new glass of the five main lights.  To that end, I am not going to re-edit any of the work from St. Peter’s College Chapel and will sign it off as ‘complete’.

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