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Damon Wells Chapel, Pembroke College

Having photographed two windows within the chapel, The Crucifixion seemed the better of the two, however, both required very careful placement of the tripod as the 85mm lens was on reflection, probably 5mm too powerful for the location!

On entering the chapel, you are greeted by The Crucifixion window (partially obscured by the 1995 Létourneau organ).  The biblical scene, flanked by St George and St Andrew, holding the shields of England and Scotland, is a Great War memorial.

615 - Pembroke - Crucifixion

Dominic Price (2019) The Crucifixion [Charles Kempe, 1921 – Damon Wells Chapel, Pembroke Chapel]

Inscription (translated from Latin):
To the sacred memory of the alumni of Pembroke College who gave their lives as soldiers for their country, their friends have dedicated this window.

Vere hic Homo Filius DEI erat
Truly this was the Son of God
Matthew 27:54

EXIF data:

  • Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
  • Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM
  • 85mm | ISO-50 | f/8.0
  • Exposure range: 1/60sec – 5sec

The image is the result of the exposure blending by hand of 26 separate images.

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