Project Development

Hertford College Chapel revisited

On my initial visit (HERE) I failed to appreciate just how much lens flare was generated by two fluorescent strips within the ante-chapel.  These resulted in the images being unusable, necessitating a revisit.  Turned on by sensors and unable to be overridden, I had to shade the lens with large sheets of card in order to minimise this undesirable effect on my second visit.  During the editing stage it became apparent that the wide-angle zoom created a noticeable softening to the image edges.

Hertford - Tyndale window - GIF

Dominic Price (2019) Tyndale Window [James Powell, 1911 – Hertford College Chapel]  Before and after extensive editing to correct the light box colour cast.

For the first time in this research, the stained glass window was shot in wide angle, at 25mm using the Canon EF 17-40 mm f/4.0L USM lens, at an aperture of f/8.0 and exposure times ranging from 5.0 s to 1/10 s, with a total of 20 images taken (although the process was repeated).  As with all images photographed for my research project, it was taken using the Canon EOS 1Dx Mark II.

The style of this stained glass precluded the removal of the support bars, although, in keeping with the Wycliffe Hall window (HERE) I did opt to remove the horizontal bars within the main figure.

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