Project Development

My work used for fundraising

The upcoming refurbishment of the Chapel of St Nicholas is being funded in by donation.  To help raise awareness of the project, as well as to generate some funds, I was approached regarding one of their fundraising ideas.  They planned to produce a high quality, double-skin umbrella: the outside looking smart and corporate, with an unexpected, sophisticated lining linked to the beautiful chapel that is both contemporary and eye-catching.

The design below is the montage I created from 144 photographs of the Henry Holiday stained glass within the chapel: reinterpreting 100+ year old pre-Raphaelite glass into an abstract, contemporary design.

12x12 composition (low res)

Dominic Price (2019) Abstract Quarries [Henry Holiday – Chapel of St Nicholas]

The umbrella has gone to production, available in two variants: a small folding umbrella and the larger golf umbrella below:

615 - Umbrella 02615 - Umbrella 01

The design was warmly received and the pre-production samples exceeded the expectations of the fundraisers.  I am certainly very pleased with the results – it is a use of my work that I had never anticipated.  As it was a charitable project, I made no charges for my work, but was delighted to be given one of the golf umbrellas as a small ‘thank you’.

615 - Umbrella sale

UPDATE: 10 December, 2010

The first batch was comparatively small (100 units) in order to test the water.  These sold out in a matter of days, so a larger second batch was ordered, which were delivered today and 30% were sold by the end of the day!

The design is also to be used in the production of drinks coasters for the reception rooms within Summer Fields.

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