Project Development

Designing New Glass – update

615 - Chapel of St Nicholas - DCP Glass

Dominic Price (2019) Vidimus of the proposed central West Window

The upcoming renovation and refurbishment of the Chapel of St Nicholas allowed my the opportunity to design a replacement for the central of the three plain glass windows, discussed here.  My original idea for the outer two windows was the production of a simple, complimenting design.  However, as we approach Remembrance Sunday and thoughts turn to those who lost their lives in conflict, I was inspired to propose an something more fitting: within the chapel there are large memorials to those former pupils who lost their lives in The Great War and in the Second World War.  However, there are some twenty names missing – those who lost their lives in the Boer War, the Zulu War and in conflicts after the Second World War.  It would seem appropriate to dedicate the space within the two windows to the memory of those currently not listed in the chapel.

Once my coursework is completed, this will be my immediate focus.

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