M2 Wk3: Strategies of Sharing

Activity: Making Zines

In keeping with many aspects of this module, school work and commitments have kept me from committing to this activity in the appropriate timeframe (or manner).  In the case of making zines, this precludes my ability to collaborate with colleagues or come close to meeting the deadline.  Necessity dictates that some of my coursework will have to follow, and hopefully, enhance the work that I have to produce in-school. Pleasingly, not all of my work is unrelated.

For a school trip to South Africa, it seemed appropriate to produced a guide book for the pupils. The design brief is to help limit the countless questions inevitably raised by the children prior to and during the trip.  An important part of the conceptual work is collaboration with those travelling: what are they unsure about?  What concerns might they have?  What information would it be helpful for them to know?  Consequently, they provided the questions that fuelled the majority of the content.

To that end, the zine takes the form of a guide book to support a school trip to South Africa in mid July.

Hard copies have already been produced in-house through Reprographics, using high quality 100gsm paper stock.  These have been distributed to the children, with plenty spares or the trip itself.

A flipbook version is linked below:

SA2018 - KZN (low res)

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