M2 Wk4: Strategies of Freedom

Activity: Hands off! Part 2

Traveling to South Africa provided me with the chance to tackle, once again, part of the Week 4 activity brief by using one of my favourite IOS Apps.  RedDotCam does not run on my iPhone X, but works perfectly on my old iPhone which contains my Vodacom South Africa sim.  RedDotCam was designed as a ‘virtual Leica’ interface for the iPhone camera (see image below).  Running in black and white, with manually controllable ISO, shutter speed, EV and focus, it is a pleasure to use and allows pleasing versatility on the otherwise closed-down iPhone camera.


Within the confines of the front room of ‘Rock Shandy’ – my home-from-home in Kwa-Zulu Natal, I used RedDotCam to photograph the textures of the various items of wooden furniture, lit by the early morning sun.  The combination of fixed focal length and straightforward manual controls made a refreshing change to my more usual ventures…

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