Project Development

Exhibition Media and prospective licencing agreement

For several months I have looked at, and discussed, the possibilities for maximising the appeal and reach of my project.  While my preferred primary medium would be traditional Giclée prints, there is a host of other possibilities, including:

In discussion, the idea of an interactive guide or a virtual exhibition has also been mooted.  Whatever the final decision, I would not be happy to make a half-hearted attempt at any of these, preferring to deliver quality of experience over quantity of experiences.

In recent weeks, while photographic work has taken a brief hiatus, I have been exploring in depth the current technology and options available for interactive displays.  Currently technology is little more advanced than was the case ten years ago, except for an increase in resolution and size.  However, a start-up company intends to move things forward within this field by incorporating technology that optimises the image, subject to the ambient light.  Real-time dynamic adjustments are made to the digital image in order to maintain the appearance of authentic physical art – not only in favourable conditions (e.g. midday, consistent overhead lighting) but also in more extreme scenarios (e.g. dawn and dusk, inconsistent light sources and positions, etc.).

Canvia.pngThe Canvia frame has a 24″ FHD antiglare display; 16Gb of storage; WiFi support and can be controlled by an iOS or Android app, and will have Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration.  In addition to uploading your own content to the device, it will come with two tiers of online art library.  The free tier is populated with over 3000 works (from Old Masters to Modern and Contemporary art).  A Premium paid-for tier will contain works by licensed famous and upcoming artists, illustrators and photographers.  At least 70% of the subscription fees will be allocated to contributing artists, based upon the total hours your artwork is displayed on the network.

The Palacio team, who have developed the Canvia have requested to use my stained glass portfolio as a unique addition to their Premium collection.  In the coming days and weeks I will be reviewing their licensing agreement and discussing the works that they would most like to feature.

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