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Wycliffe Hall Chapel – Post-Production Visit

Today’s bright yet overcast conditions were perfect for the photography of stained glass, but with no access lined up for another week or two, my only practical task was to colour-check the Wycliffe Hall images.  This was bound to prove difficult as the lighting was so very different from the blue skies and bright sunlight on the day that the photographs were taken.

Focusing first on the East Window, for the most part, colour and relative contrast were correct.  Yes, the saturation was a little lower today, but that is to be expected and I do not think that the difference could warrant re-editing.  The same could not be said for the West Window… John Wycliffe’s cloak is a decidedly awkward shade of warm grey lined in a contrasting red hue.  When backed by a clear blue sky and bright sunlight the cloak seemed closer to a true grey.  In today’s conditions, it was a definite mauve shade of grey, with the contrasting lining being somewhat subdued.

I have re-edited the image to reflect this, but am unsure which could be described as most true.  To that end, I will give the Hall the option of either version.  Looking at the animated GIF comparison below (2 second continuous loop), the differences are subtle, but to me, very important.

Wycliffe Hall - re-edited .gif

Dominic Price (2019) John Wycliffe [Artist Unknown, 1896 – Wycliffe Hall Chapel] Animate GIF to illustrate the (subtle) differences between the initial edit and the re-edit that followed the post-production visit.

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