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Chapel interiors

In listening to friends, colleagues and others, on their review of my work, I have decided to renege upon my original plans to present the stained glass window images in isolation.  The location is such an integral part to their story that it makes far better sense to contextualise them within their environment.  To that end the publication will have a two-page spread for each location that will include an east end view (or similar).

This revision will also make easier the decision to include those chapels not adjourned with stained glass.  They can feature as individual pages that also include an east end view.

having finalised the two page spread for my book, there was the need to revisit some sites in order to capture an interior shot of each chapel.


Price, D.C. (2019) The Stained Glass & Chapels of Oxford – mock-up

On a hot day, I was pleased to be travelling without my camera bag or big lenses, using the Canon EF 17-40mm  f/4.0 L USM lens for each shot (although it remained necessary to use a tripod).  In order to present photographs that are true to my mission, I took a batch of ten exposure bracketed images of each interior and then used multiple exposure blending in order to create a dynamic range sufficient that the stained glass remains visible while the interiors are appropriately bright.

615 DCP_2490 HDR2 ce

Dominic Price (2019) The Chapel, St Edmund Hall

615 DCP_2532 HDR 3 ce

Dominic Price (2019) The Chapel, Wycliffe Hall

615 DCP_2503 HDR ce

Dominic Price (2019) The Chapel, Somerville

615 DCP_2434 HDR1 ce2

Dominic Price (2019) The ‘new’ College Chapel, Exeter College

615 DCP_2423 HDR1 ce2

Dominic Price (2019) The Chapel of John the Baptist, St John’s College

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