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Chapel of St. Nicholas – rose tinted glasses?

St. Nicholas - Be Ye Kind One to Another GIF.gifToday afforded me a moment to call in on the Chapel of St. Nicholas in order to compare my rendering of Be Ye Kind One to Another with the installation itself.

The concerns I had about the darkness of my image were well founded, and interestingly I had again oversaturated the reds and browns (as was the case with the Harris Manchester College Chapel light Courage).  Perhaps there is some truth to the  rose tinted glasses idiom?!

Such changes were quite easy to correct as was some fine detail in the colouring of the text and punctuation.  The animated GIF to the left demonstrates these subtle changes in a 2-second cycle (but does sacrifice quality):

There is a lot of quality loss in a GIF, so below is a JPEG of the final re-edited image:

St. Nicholas - Be Ye Kind One to Another v2 (low res).jpg

Be Ye Kind One to Another (Henry Holiday, 1901)

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